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True friends tell you when you have bad breath

One of the things that you have to love about kids is there innocently rude honesty.  Yes, kids are so innocently honest and they can’t help it if they haven’t been taught how to tone it down. Like the time the lady was talking and laughing with her friends and her daughter walked up beside her. When everyone got quiet the little girl looked at her mom and said “oh your breath stinks”.

The truth is all the other ladies were thinking the same thing but no one said anything, instead they silently suffered through every word, syllable and sound.  If you and I are honest this happens too often in our business and in the career world.  Like the CEO or manager who decided to push a bad idea or strategy, it’s like everyone knows this is bad and just suffers through without speaking up. 

You and I both need a few people in our business and careers that can give us that truth in a child like innocent way.  This type of honesty could save you from pain, loss, embarrassment and help you achieve your goals faster.  Here are some tips that can help you find the child like honesty that you need:

  1.  Be an honest and genuine person, If you are fake and superficial with others don’t be surprised if that’s what you get.

  2. Ask for honest feedback in a private setting

  3. Don’t play dumb. Lets be honest this isn’t the first time you’ve heard or even thought to yourself something is off in this area

  4. Take action on what you can. Corresponding action on the feedback you’re given can be more gratifying that an empty thank you.

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