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This is the go-to place for practical insights for business where Accounting and Finance meet Business Strategy. Hosted by Terrell and Lola Turner; Finance leaders with experience from some of the largest companies in the world.  


On this show, we dive into some of the most pressing topics in business and feature interviews with CFOs, Accountants, and Finance experts from around the world as they share lessons learned and best practices.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Pivot! (From Push-Ups to Pivots) 🚀

Don’t Be Ashamed to Pivot! (From Push-Ups to Pivots) 🚀

Don’t Be Ashamed to Pivot! (From Push-Ups to Pivots) 🚀 Have you ever believed something was great in theory, only to find the reality of executing would be way more than you were ready for? 👎😒 We've all been there (whether we admit it or not 🫣 ). So, giving yourself the grace and space to change the plan is the most important thing. Here are some things to consider: ✅ Flexibility in Goal Setting 🔄: Instead of sticking rigidly to the original plan, always leave room to pivot. ✅ Honest Sounding board 💼: Identify people who can give you honest feedback and tell you if you are changing because it's easy or making a wise adjustment. ✅ Bounce Back: ⛹🏽‍♂️Just because you are saying no to the original idea today doesn't mean you can revisit this goal when you have grown, developed, and built yourself up for it. Here is a true story: Based on our 2024 forecast, our revenue should be higher than it is now. Back in March, I took a hard look at my leadership and team and realized I failed to prepare the team for what our business and their workload would look like as we moved toward that overall goal. Once I realized this, I had to take my attention off of the GROWTH goals and refocus on building up my team. We streamlined some processes, implemented some tech tools, and rebuilt an individual development plan for each staff member using our Golden AGE process. In making this change, the temptation to beat myself up or feel ashamed was there, but I realized that it's okay to be honest about where you are and then reroute your path to move forward in the best way possible. Thanks, @Jody Grundden, @Scott Scarano, and @Dan Luthi, for the helpful conversations. Your wisdom helped me more than you realize. #accountingandaccountants #decisionmaking #business #entrepreneurship
Don’t let ONE BAD DECISION turn into blazing chaos! 🔥💥😱🌪️🔥

Don’t let ONE BAD DECISION turn into blazing chaos! 🔥💥😱🌪️🔥

Don’t let ONE BAD DECISION turn into blazing chaos! 🔥💥😱🌪️🔥 When people (including myself) make a bad decision the temptation to just react is very high and if we are being honest our initial reaction probably isn't the best next step for the situation.  For example, let's say you made a bad hire, so now you have a person on the team who is the wrong fit for the role or the company. You know it's not the right fit but somehow you try to convince yourself that "it will work itself out" or maybe they just need some more time". Deep down you know what the right next steps should be but in the moment you just reacting to all of your service-level feelings instead of really letting your wisdom come forward to help guide you to what is next.  This is why you should use something like the Golden A.G.E. approach.  Here is an example of hiring and how the Golden A.G.E. approach can work: 1) Identify what Average, Good, and Excellent would look like for a new hire within their 1st, 2nd, 3rd week on the job (average shows up on time ready to work, good offers to get involved to learn their job quickly, Excellent comes in with some ideas about how to help make things better) 2) At the end of each week ask yourself what level is the person performing 3) If the staff member is below or barely at the average level of performance chances are this is not one of your great hires so don't just react, and let your wisdom guide you on the next steps Yep, we've all been there, and it all started with ONE poor choice. Here’s a tip that helps us avoid unnecessary chaos in our firm: ‘Before you dive headfirst into the unknown, arm yourself with a litmus test!’ 🧪 Let's talk strategy ... 🎯 It could be a simple checklist or some soul-searching questions—whatever works for you. The point is to give your idea a good, hard look before you commit.🧐 Make sure your idea can withstand scrutiny 🔬. Because let's face it, a failed litmus test could spell disaster. Here are 3 in-house secrets from our own checklist: ✅Critical Questions🔍: We ask ourselves:       "Does this idea even make sense?"       "Are we onto something good or just setting ourselves up for trouble?" Ask yourself the tough questions. ✅Reality Check⚖️: We weigh the pros, cons, and potential fallout. We evaluate our ideas, gauge the feasibility, implications, and consequences  ✅Decision Time⏰: If our idea can't pass the litmus test, we reconsider our course of action. After all, one bad idea can lead to a catastrophic chain reaction. So, before you dive in headfirst, give yourself the gift of a solid litmus test. Your future self will thank you! 😉 Do you have a litmus test that has worked in your business? We’d love to learn from you in the comments below! 💬
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