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Your business is much like a recipe. You need to have the perfect ingredients and follow a set of steps to create a product that will have your customers clamoring for more.

We're here to help you find your recipe for success.

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How to Find the Perfect Niche for you within a Niche Industry with Nahum Jeannot

How to Find the Perfect Niche for you within a Niche Industry with Nahum Jeannot

Innovation is a great way to build new products or to simply take an old product and give it a new spin. Well, this is what an amazing chef, Nahum Jeannot, did with oatmeal. With his company Go Oats, he has creatively combined all of the flavors and ingredients that you love in a treat that you can take on the go. Find the product at the link below or major grocery store chains near you. --- If this is your first time tuning in, we encourage you to subscribe to the show so you can hear all the other insightful episodes (we share three interviews a week) --- If you like what you’ve been hearing on this podcast, we invite you to go to wherever you’re listening to this episode and leave us a comment or review. Tell me what you love about this episode! --- You can find all of the information about this episode and the show at --- If you want to learn more about finance and accounting as it related to business, check out our courses at the Business Talk Library university: FREE COURSE: Understand the Income Statement in Less Than 15 Minutes: Use Code: "BTL2020" --------------------------------------------------------- The Business Talk Library is a social media show and platform that shares honest and authentic conversations on the journey of entrepreneurship. We feature conversations with entrepreneurs across all industries with a wide array of experience that we believe will be valuable to you as a business owner. --------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy our content and want to see more? Subscribe & Follow the Podcast – @businesstalklibrary Subscribe & Follow us on YouTube @businesstalklibrary Join us on TikTok, IG, and Facebook! @businesstalklibrary LinkedIn - Business Talk Library
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