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Are You Underestimating What You Bring To The Table?

Never underestimate what you bring to the table.  Years ago, I had no idea what this meant but now I understand about 60% of what this means.

Years ago, I was minding my own business working and living life and an entrepreneur called me with a serious problem.  He was trying to expand a $2.4 million business but needed investment capital to make it work.  I was 25 had very little money, a lot of hustle and a mind for accounting and finance.  I offered my assistance for FREE, worked my full-time job during the day and crazy hours at night.  After weeks of reversing engineering the entrepreneur’s business model I built a full financial statement package with a key proposal. Long story short within a month that financial package and proposal was the key selling point that secured a meeting for the entrepreneur to fly to New York City because a major company wanted to buy the business for $10 million. This very big deal was the humble beginning that gave me the confidence to start the TLTurner Group.

I tell you this story because many of you are like I was unaware of how valuable your skills are.  It doesn’t matter what your skill is there are people out there that have problems that you can solve.

Here are a few helpful tips to help others find out how valuable your skills are:

  1. Offer your service for free and record their feedback

  2. Check out sites like

  3. Write a helpful article that shows off your skills

  4. Network and interview other successful people with your skill set

For more business tips and ideas check out the 60secondmoney blogs, 60secondmoney podcast, follow us on Instagram @60secondmoney and visit the TLTurner Group Facebook page.

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