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The Thing About Averages

One of the great math lessons we learn at some point in life is how to calculate averages.

To get an average you take the sum of multiple parts and make them all equal.  For example, three people require a certain amount of water to survive; A requires 3 gallons, B-5 gallons, and C-10 gallons.  The average would be 6, ( (3+5+10) / 3).  Now imagine that you were trying to make real world decisions for A, B and C. If you went based on the average, you would quickly run into serious problems.   A and B will have too much and C will never have enough, so in this scenario all of the parties could find themselves overburdened or unsatisfied when using the average.

Unfortunately so many people are finding themselves overburdened or unsatisfied with their finances because they are following advice that is based on “the average person.”  Just like A, B and C, following the average approach could lead you to a recommendation that doesn’t really give you what YOU need.  You and I both must understand that the best financial advice we could ever follow is one that is tailored to our specific life, goals and circumstances.  Contact us today to get a specific plan that works best for you.

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