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The Little Boss

When I was younger I always spent time around older kids.  It was awesome because no one messed with my in the neighborhood or at school.  I was like the “little kid boss.”  This all came about because of a peach tree.  All of the kids loved the peaches from this tree but it was behind a fence and guarded by a very mean dog.  Climbing the fence was out of the question because the dog would kill you before you got to the tree, so I came up with an idea.

At age five, I was the smallest kid in the group and weighed the least so I had the other kids lift me up so I could hang on one of the branches and pull peaches down without ever having to touch the ground.  This plan worked great because I got three benefits 1) fresh peaches, 2) income because the other kids paid me for the peaches, 3) I became the “little boss”, all of the bigger kids became my bodyguards and all the other kids knew not to mess with me.

As funny as that story is there is still a very valuable business and working success principle I learned from it.  When you find a way to help your customers or your employer solve a problem that they can’t on their own two things are likely to happen;

  1. You will be compensated for the value that you deliver – your customers or your employer pays you because you solve a problem that they have.

  2. Customers and employers can protect your income – when you solve their problems better than others they’ll continue to pay you because they want to keep you around

Find a big problem that your customers and/or employer has and solve it for them, then watch the benefits come your way.  For more stories and business tips like our page @TLTurner Group or @60secondmoney.

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