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The Benefits of Being A Loser

Growing up as the youngest of 4 boys I was a constant loser.  Yes, I lost in just about everything; basketball, football, wrestling, racing, video games etc.  Whenever I lost I would often cry and get so mad but thinking back on it now I really do cherish those times. It sounds funny, but losing so much taught me something that some people never learn in life; a heightened sense of humility and relentless passion. I am humble enough to know my weaknesses but relentless enough to out train, out read, out work and out last my weaknesses until success and I are the last two standing. 

In business or your career, you are going to make mistakes or get outperformed at some point (it’s reality, it happens) but the more important thing is what you do after that happens. Let’s say you apply for a job and they offer it to someone else, what are you going to do? Complain? give up? walk away? or dig in with some real feedback and come back better next time.  Whether you and I realize it or not, the tough moments and losses are what reveal who we really are.

Like I said I lost a lot growing up but the lessons it taught me have given me the clarity and drive to outperform others and succeed at levels I never imagined. Here are some very important lessons that I learned after a loss:

  1. Life goes on – no loss ever killed me

  2. There’s always more to learn

  3. Wins are sweet when you know you’ve earned them

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