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That Party you’ll never forget

Everyone loves a great party! I mean the type of party you remember long after it’s over and still bring up with your friend’s years later. One of my most memorable parties would have to be my wedding. I know it sounds a little bias, but it really was a great party. Between my wife Lola and I, we have lived in over 7 countries on 4 continents and have visited over 15 countries, so we have friends from all over the world.  With all of this in mind the wedding was planned to be a massive celebration of cultures from around the world and it was just that and everyone had a blast.

To be completely honest there were times when I was absolutely nervous about how things were going to turn out because there was such a massive mixture of cultures. When you really think about it a lot really could have gone wrong, but it didn’t, and the reason why is because there were some amazing minds behind the scenes planning and executing to make sure everything worked.

If you and I are honest, life and business is very much like this. We want to have a good time and do things that we can look back on and say, “wow that was awesome” but none of that happens unless there is solid planning and execution in the background. To help illustrate what we mean check out this Q&A that we did with a business client:

  1. What do you want and when do you want it?

  2. Client Response: To increase my income by 25% within the next 9 months

  3. What do you need to make it happen?

  4. Client Response: Increase my prices and bring in new customers

  5. What do you have today that can help you get there?

  6. TLTurner Group Response: Great product offering, and a few under advertised services

  7. What practical steps can you take to make it really happen?

  8. TLTurner Group Response: Rearrange your website to help clients find what they are looking for faster, be more strategic with your social media marketing starting with a focused campaign on your very profitable but under advertised services

Our client is so glad that they hired us because questions 1 & 2 were easy to answer but they need our insight and creativity to address 3 & 4, and now they are on track to more than double their income in 9 months. Although this example focused in on a business owner the same questions and process can be applied to individuals and still deliver results.

For more finance and business tips, like our Facebook page @TLTurner Group and follow us on Instagram @60secondmoney.

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