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Lost on a Date

When I first started driving; it was before smart phones existed and because I didn’t have enough money to buy a GPS, I printed “MapQuest directions” or used an actual map. This was a great tool but if I’m completely honest, I did get lost sometimes. I remember getting lost after a date once. I had dropped my date off and on the way out made a wrong turn. It was so bad, that my date and her father had to go out and look for me. A few years later smartphones came out and my most utilized app became Google Maps. This was a great tool because it provided step by step instructions, but the more important thing is that it helps me by recalibrating whenever I make a wrong turn. If I had Google Maps back when I went on that date I could have saved myself 2 hours of driving, a ¼ tank of gas and a lot of embarrassment.

When it comes to driving, the old approach still works because the roads don’t normally move or change. But what would happen if the roads were constantly moving and being rearranged? This crazy idea of a roller coaster is exactly how your finances, business, career and life in general is. The path to achieve your goal is like a road that is constantly changing whether it is the stock market, companies being bought and sold, competition changing its strategy, employees being hired and let go, changes in taxes, babies being born, unexpected medical expenses, the list could go on forever. In an ever-changing world, you need a map or guide that can help you better understand the constant changes so you can make the best decisions to get to your goal. The TL Turner Group is here to be a resource that helps you strategize, adjust and reroute your business, finances and efforts to keep you from getting lost or stuck at a dead-end.

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