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Homemade Pie

Years and years ago a lady at work offered me a piece of her homemade pie. I had had a busy day at work and was not able to make it to lunch so I happily accepted. I decided to eat the pie while I prepped for my next meeting and “My Oh My”. This pie was the WORST bite of food I have ever tasted in my life. It was so bad that I still give pumpkin pie the side eye when I see it in grocery stores. I was confused, lost for words, emotions and taste. “Why didn’t anyone warn me?” Suddenly, it hit me. I failed to “read the signs.”

  1. It was lunch time and the pie was on a table in the middle of all of her coworkers but only “one slice” was missing.

  2. None of her coworkers were on a diet or had food allergies.

  3. A couple of her co-workers coughed at the same time when she offered me a slice.

In the world of finance and business we must learn to read the signs in order to avoid “danger.” Some of the personal financial signs are your; credit scores, income to expense ratio and net worth. Some business signs could be your; top and bottom line growth rates, gross margin and profit margin.

Whatever the case may be, the signs are always there, you just have to get better at reading them.  Contact us for more tips on other signs you should be looking out for.

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Great bloog I enjoyed reading

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