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Hit by a Truck

I’ve never had a concussion before but I think I came close once. When I played high school football one of my positions was on the kick off team. So, there I was running full speed with laser focus on the man with the ball and out of nowhere a player from the other team hit me so hard I flipped and hit the ground head first. After laying on the ground for a moment I managed to get to my feet but I was so dizzy and everything looked a little hazy. One of my teammates had to help me off the field and remind me what side of the field our team was on.

When I think back on that experience I laugh but I also smile because I realize that it taught me a very valuable business lesson. Never approach anything with such laser focus that you forget about everything else. Running a business and life in general requires constant balancing, re balancing, juggling multiple agendas and sometimes managing competing agendas. Because of this simple reality, it is very important you focus in on the priorities but at the same time not completely forget everything else.

To be completely honest I don’t have this all figured out so I will share a few pointers from many of my mentors who have very successful businesses, high profile executive positions, marriages, families and personal lives to balance:

  1. Always be true to your most important personal priorities and adjust accordingly

  2. Understand the deadlines for your tasks before you start working

  3. Write your goals down and review them regularly

  4. Hire competent/professional help or delegate if a task takes you away from the main goal for too long

  5. Plan your breaks and downtime; this allows your mind to think and re-calibrate to come up with even better ideas.

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