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Bouncing Checks

The moment had come. The crowd of people had gathered around waiting with great anticipation. The intensity was high. For a few weeks my friend had been bragging about how great he could sing, and this was his moment to shine. Just as my friend stepped up and all eyes were on him, reality set in. My face was the only one in the crowd that showed concern because I was one of the very few people that knew he couldn’t really sing.

This is the type of situation I call “bouncing checks”. My friend ignored reality and my advice to stop telling people he could do something that he could not deliver on. Because he did not listen, he lost all respect and credibility and I am not sure if he ever gained it back. It was just all bad for him.

Bouncing checks simply means you made a promise and could not deliver. You and I both have to be on the look-out for areas in our lives where we could “bounce a check.”  If you have your own business this could mean accepting a contract that you can’t deliver on. Customer growth is only good as long as you can deliver, and if you can’t they might be going to your competition. In your personal finances a bounced check could be, only living for the present and not planning for your future (ie. having an unexpected emergency fund, life insurance or retirement planning). Most people really do have good intentions but poor strategies and execution.  Make sure you have a good strategy to deliver on all of your promises and responsibilities.

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