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Awesome Chaos

One of the most hilarious, challenging and possibly frustrating things I have witnessed, is small children playing soccer for the first time. I sat and watched one of the coaches for a team give very brief instructions, split the kids into two teams and then roll a ball on the field.  In a matter of seconds, absolute chaos broke out. Two kids got tackled, one got slapped, another ran behind the coaches and one kid picked up the ball and started running while all the other kids chased him.  Kids were yelling, crying, pouting, hiding and running everywhere. Thankfully, a whistle blew and a more experienced coach stepped up, took some time to explain some basic rules and then he and the other coaches worked with the kids little by little.

Your personal finances and business can sometimes be like kids playing soccer for the first time. You see it all the time, a news headline mentions; “the stock market is going up”, “real estate is booming”, “precious metals are increasing in value” or even “get out of debt and save money.”  With very sincere intentions people jump up and start running with the tide but eventually find themselves in a frustrating chaotic cycle of activity with no real progress.  Your time, money and energy is too valuable for you to be using it in a way that does not get you closer to your real goal.  When it comes to making real progress it is important that you clarify your goal, understand the opportunities available to you and develop an effective strategy that works best for you.

The TL Turner Group is  here to help you clarify your goal, understand your opportunities and strategize to win.  Avoid the chaos and contact us today.

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