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5 Disciplines of Money

Every year,  millions of people around the world set “New Years Resolutions” and within four months, it’s like nothing ever happened. It’s become so predictable, that places like Fitness Centers offer specials from January to March that you don’t see any other time of the year.  The unfortunate thing is most people will never see the results they desire, because they do not exercise the discipline needed to achieve their goals.

Your future, is heavily dependent on the discipline or lack thereof that you show, especially with your finances. Here are a couple of habits we help our clients practice when it comes to their finances:

1) Set goals and targets

2) Strategize to achieve your goals

3) Prepare for the unexpected

4) Know and frequently review your numbers

5) Keep pushing – There will always be an excuse to quit, so IGNORE it and KEEP PUSHING.

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