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In this show CFO finance leaders Terrell A. Turner, CPA, and Omolola A. Turner, CPA dive into strategies, ideas, and tactics that have proven to create phenomenal results for businesses of all sizes. Sometimes, the only thing that is missing from your business strategy is a well-informed financial gameplan and this is the place where we bring accounting finance and business strategy all in one place so you can achieve better financial results in business.

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Stuff Your Bookkeeper Isn't Telling You (Intro)

Stuff Your Bookkeeper Isn't Telling You (Intro)

Over the past two years, we have: interviewed 469 business owners Held 245 1:1’s & get to know with businesses owners Conducted 136 consulting business strategy sessions And one point has become very clear, which is………….. most businesses are working with a bookkeeper or an accountant that SUCKS and probably should be FIRED…. Yeah, it is sad to say but it's true so we are starting this show to tell you What your Bookkeeper Isn’t Telling You, because our goal is to help make accounting, finance, and your business a little less complicated so you can make smart money decisions. So you might be asking who is this show for, well I’m glad you asked because this show is for two significant audiences: A business owner that is running a business that is less than $10M in annual revenue - because those are the businesses that seems to fail the most and partially because they are getting the worst advice and we want to change that. The second audience would be bookkeepers & accountants because we will share tips from our friends who run some of the top successful accounting firms in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UK, France, Nigeria, and so much more. So if you are are a business owners of a business doing less than $10M in annual revenue or a bookkeeper who supports business owners this show is perfect for you so stay tuned every week for … What Your Bookkeeper Isn’t Telling You …I promise this show will be entertaining, informative and helpful.