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What We Can All Learn From Tom Brady

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are set to give the world a great game. I don’t usually watch a lot of football during the year but when the Super Bowl comes around I absolutely love it. What I love most is the hype and the set up, all the shows and talks about the players and coaches, their lives and everything they went through to get to the Super Bowl.  I am always deeply inspired by the background stories of the hustle, hard work, preparation and drive that it takes to play at that level.

This year something that really hit home with me was a Tom Brady commercial for a documentary he has coming out.  In the commercial, Tom’s voice is playing in the background while all of his highlights and life moments play on the screen. “What are you willing to do and give up to be the best you can be? If you’re going to compete against me it better be your life.”  When I heard it, something inside me went off like a lit match dropped into a pool of gasoline.

It immediately took me back to the younger days of my hustle where I was fearless and relentless about carrying out my entrepreneurial ideas.  At age five I started my first business selling homemade Popsicles, then I upgraded to slushy cups, similar product but my distribution was 5x bigger than the Popsicles operation.  Fast forward and somewhere along the way of life I let that entrepreneurial hustle die down and I became more fearful, cautious and comfortable.

Many of you may feel that way or have a similar experience so hopefully the super bowl or something else wakes up the sleeping entrepreneurial giant in you.  Below is a little advice a mentor gave me that you can use yourself:

1) Do something adventurous and different. This allows you to break out of your normal routine and change things up enough to help you get comfortable charting new adventures.

2) Practice your victory speech in advance, Time and Effort are the only things between you and your goal, so use your victory speech to motivate you to stay patient and consistent with what you’re doing.

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