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Jack of No Trades

A huge MISTAKE that I made when I started consulting was I tried to do everything for my client. 

Like most entrepreneurs when you get your first few clients you want to make them happy so you try and be the answer to all of their problems. I recall a particular situation where I was spending time watching Youtube videos trying to figure out how to code website features. My wife saw me and asked "what are you doing?" I responded well I'm trying to take care of my clients and figure out how to create this feature on their website because it would help their business." Right after I said it out loud it hit me, you are an accounting and finance consultant why on earth are you spending time trying to code a client's website.

I know it sounds funny when you say it out loud but it's a common situation for a lot of entrepreneurs. The temptation to be a jack of all trades is high but here are a few things you should do to help you stay focused on where you add the most value:

  • Gain self awareness and know your own strengths

  • Network with other entrepreneurs who can solve problems that you can't and collaborate or outsource the work when it makes sense

  • Communicate with your clients, be honest and clear about where you can add value and then deliver on YOUR value proposition

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