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Don’t Bother Dreaming If you can’t execute

Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck living in the dreams of what could be that we forget to execute in the reality of now. I once met this extremely smart, ambitious young man who was working as a sales clerk in a department store.  He was working there to earn money while he studied computer science to develop his skills in programming.  With his money and computer science knowledge he wanted to start his own business writing applications that business owners could use to help them manage their business. The applications that he had in mind were very impressive and I believed and still believe businesses would pay big for apps like his.

A few years later, I ran into him again and after a short conversation I realized that he never started the computer business, but now had a new big idea that also sounded like a great business. While I am not sure if his new idea took off, I was reminded in that moment of how many people dream big but never execute to make their dreams a reality.

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