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4 Tax Preparer Red Flags

As we move into tax season, you will begin to see tons of advertisements for tax services but how do you know which one is the right one for you?  Unfortunately, there have been more and more cases of individuals being audited or reviewed by the IRS because the tax preparer they used did not prepare their return properly.  Even when you choose to use a professional tax preparer or CPA the IRS still holds you; the taxpayer responsible for any tax liabilities and additional interest due as a result of the improper filing.

Since the tax code is several thousand pages (over 7,000 pages to be more precise) using a professional tax preparer may be your best option.  To help you make the best decision on a good tax preparer here are 4 red flags you should look out for to reduce your chances of being selected for an IRS audit:

  1. The preparer promises or claims that they can get you a certain dollar amount on your tax refund check

  2. The preparer bases their rate on a percentage of the return that they obtain for you

  3. The preparer does not offer to explain the tax return and answer your questions

  4. The preparer will not sign the tax return with their PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)

If you are looking for a tax preparer the TL Turner Group is here to help you contact us today.

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