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Socks with no Holes

When I was a child, I used to think my parents went overboard with certain things but their meticulous nature helped me create healthy habits.  As a four-year-old, I remember my mom saying, “make sure the socks you put on do not have holes in them.”  The natural response of a four-year-old was “WHY? no one is going to see the bottom part of my socks.”

Years later I was on a friend’s skateboard. The front wheel hit a hole, and I went flying forward.  I ended up breaking my leg and spending a long evening in the hospital with some of my usual doctors (I was a frequent visitor to the hospital).  My doctor said I would be in a cast from my knee to my toes for about 8 weeks and there was no type of closed shoe I could wear.  The first thing I thought was man now everyone is going to see my socks, this must be one of those situations that my parents prepared me for.

Some of the habits needed to have a healthy financial life may seem pointless but they have a way of keeping you prepared for your future.  Here are a few healthy financial habits; 1) set financial goals, 2) create a realistic plan to reach those goals, 3) review your progress and make necessary adjustments on a regular basis, 4) get a trusted person, resource or company to hold you accountable.

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