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Build your Business Like a Country Music Song

I have to be honest; I have not always been a fan of country music, but lately I have been developing a deeper appreciation for it. There’s something about the way the songs seem to connect with people and make them feel, dance, sing, shout, cry, etc. For example, one of my new favorite songs is “One Number Away” by Luke Combs because the song just pulls you into the story line and you can see yourself, or someone you know actually living out the lyrics.

When it comes to your business, you have to find a way to master the art of the “country music method” by creating something that connects with your customers in multiple ways. Just think about some of the businesses that you frequently purchase from and how they connect with you and your needs, which keeps you shopping there.

An example for me would be Kroger (a grocery store chain that is based out of Cincinnati), they are awesome at working the country music method. When you come into the store there are many popular items on sale right by the entrance. After the items in the entrance capture your attention, they show you things that you could easily see yourself buying and before you know it you’re headed to the checkout line with a basket full of things.

Here are a few things that can help you ensure you are constantly connecting with your current and potential customers:

  1. Customer needs and pain points – tools like google trends help you identify what people are searching for

  2. Solution based marketing – tools like social media analytics can help you understand the best way to advertise to the needs of your target audience.

  3. Memorable moment for your customers – be creative and give your customers something they value in ways that stand out as an awesome memory.

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